Whats unique about biznuity™?

  • Complete: biznuity can provide all the hardware required utilizing Hardware as a Service (HaaS)
  • Fast: When a restoration is needed our support team is ready to assist or even perform the restoration through bizRestore™ or remote access.
  • Affordable: Pay as you go month to month, Cancel any time without penalty.
  • IT Continuity: Post disaster, replacement servers can be shipped from biznuity™’s HQ with the latest saved cloud image from the protected server. Utilizing bizRestore™, downtime is minimized, and infrastructure is restored.
  • Experience: Disaster Recovery is what we do, our practice in the field and proven track record gives us the expertise to provide the fastest complete recovery.
  • Channel Friendly: biznuity™ only partners with dedicated IT Departments, IT consultants, Managed Service Providers(MSP) or Value Added Resellers(VAR).


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