biznuity™ is a subsidiary of III, LLC, a channel only systems integration technology company in continuous operation since 1993. III, LLC has the honor of being an Intel Platinum account, the top 1% of Intel accounts in North America. In 2001, a research project was initiated to pursue the feasibility of utilizing the internet, wide area networks, virtualization, and advanced storage technologies to produce disaster protection and recovery products solely for small business. Most of these technologies have been in place within Fortune 500 companies for decades but the challenge was finding a way to deploy them in an cost effective way. After ten years of research and development, biznuity™ realized there was suddenly a convergence of increasing CPU power, growing storage capacities dropping in price, faster internet, and improving robustness of virtualization. By working closely with Intel’s server development division to create an Intel based, enterprise quality disaster recovery appliance designed from the ground up to scale from small business all the way to enterprise, biznuity™ launched the BRICSolutions™ lineup in the spring of 2011.


The name biznuity™ represents the ongoing concept of “Business Disaster Recovery and Continuity”. biznuity™ was created to focus on helping businesses prepare for and recover from man made or natural disasters using leading proven, yet affordable, best available technologies and processes. As a channel only company, biznuity™ works 100% through solution providers. The products and services provided by biznuity™ are known as BRICS, or Business Recovery Instantly Cloud Solutions™. BRICS is a comprehensive set of solution building blocks that scale up in functionality and performance ranging from entry level cloud based backup and restore as well as local virtual failover, or even virtual failover to the cloud in the event there is a complete wipe out of technology infrastructure. Using biznuity™ builds confidence and certainty that all critical business data and servers can be recovered and brought online in the event of a minor or major disaster. Even if the BRICS appliance itself is lost in a total disaster, because of BRICloud™ technologies, everything on the BRICS has been either preemptively imaged to SAS70/SSAE 16 compliant Redundant Array Cloud Storage (RACS), or to bizRestore™, or to your own private hybrid cloud using BRICStac™, or to a SAS70/SSAE 16 compliant data center.


BRICSolutions™ are provided as a fixed monthly cost, intended to be an affordable, budget friendly way of having some peace of mind by pre-preparing for disaster recovery and business continuity. biznuity™ is unique in the industry because of the ability to ship within 24 hours of a wipeout disaster both a restored preloaded server with its most recent backup, as well as a ready to go new BRICS appliance. If all that is required is over nighting a pre-imaged hard drive, then biznuity™ stands ready to deliver. The BRICS acronym is a complete message to our clients. biznuity does not see itself as a backup only or even a backup and restore company. While there are many vendors focusing on backup, or data only recovery tools, we see ourselves as as a company laser focused upon an instant business recovery using the image based building blocks of our solutions. In the aftermath of man made or natural disasters, failed inexpensive backups and flawed restore processes could be the final blow to causing a business failure. BRICS means Business Recovery Instantly Cloud Solutions.