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Secure Backup & Recovery

Cloud Security is vital for your business in this day and age, but Biznuity™ understands that all digital assets stored in the cloud are not equally secure. That is why first and foremost, the digital lifeblood of your company is securely and locally in your possession, residing redundantly in one or more of Biznuity’s family of BRICS products. Data loss, power events, file corruption, human error, deleted files, and viruses are all prevented and re-mediated quickly and locally, keeping your business up and running, minimizing your losses through rapid recovery.

The power of the cloud gives your business one more layer of protection to address more dire issues involving tragic property losses.

Biznuity’s cloud resides in hardened masonry and steel constructed, fault-tolerant, secure data centers operating under the principles of SAS70 and SSAE16 guidelines,  as detailed in the Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements (SSAE) No. 16, and finalized by the Auditing Standards Board of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

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Guarded Access

Data center access is limited only to mission critical essential employees who have been cleared through comprehensive background checks. Building access is restricted, with the data centers operating behind three layers of doors locked and monitored 24/7. Security is enhanced through the use of biometric locks with each individual storage rack enclosed in a locked cage. Access is autonomously logged while operations are monitored at all times via video surveillance strategically placed throughout the facility. To enhance security, the capture, transfer and storage of all server recovery images are encrypted using 128bit RC4 or 256 bit AES.

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Dependable Connections

Biznuity’s data centers are equipped with state-of-the-art redundant backup internet connections using separate telco vendors. Redundant uninterruptible power is hard-wired into the data center using a combination of natural gas generators, gasoline generators, and battery backup solutions.  Additionally, server health is enhanced through the installation of redundant HVAC for consistently stable temperature and humidity.

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Your business can be triply covered because Biznuity has redundant data centers. There is an option to co-locate server restoration image with bizRestore+. With our multiple data centers you can choose your main datastore and co-lo. Our Appalachian mountain data-center location, with its foundations secured to granite atop a Blue Ridge mountain is ideal because of power stability, lack of natural disasters and proximity to the national Internet backbone. Our Virginia Beach data-center, located near Biznuity’s server build center, acts as a triage center post disaster.  Replacement servers can be procured and shipped out with the latest saved image from the on-site server in order to get your business back up and running with unmatched speed.

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