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Whether you are preparing for a hardware failure, a natural disaster, theft, vandalism, a local event such as an overhead sprinklers malfunction or fire, Biznuity has the tools necessary. With Biznuity and BRICS building blocks, you can restore your server, operating system, applications, and transactional data all at once. No additional steps loading the operating system and applications before adding the data. Everything you need is integrated into one image file, saving you precious business downtime and keeping you in business. These case studies illustrate how Biznuity solutions can help your business.

With BRICS vs. traditional backup and restore methods, what used to take days is now hours; what used to be hours becomes minutes. It’s all about image-based recovery instead of data-based backup and restore.

Business Recovery Instantly Cloud Solutions™ …that’s BRICS.

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Server was taken hostage by “RansomWare”, a Cripto-Lock Virus.

Recovery: This was the worst case scenario, within minutes not only were multiple servers infected, because the BRICS was mapped with a drive letter it became infected as well, rendering the onsite images unusable. Since the BRICS had been sending images to the bizinuity cloud a recovery to the pre infected state was initiated. If it wasn’t for the bizinuity’s strict image retention policy all the customers’ data would have been a total loss. When the customer was ready to move forward on the total restore we provided the images from the cloud and supported the restoration efforts until the server was back up and running, only about 18 hours from GO. Since ransomware has become a common serious threat, we have recommended a set of best practices to our clients to keep the BRICS from being infected for even faster recovery.

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A dental practice’s server storing all of their patient info, scheduling records, and dental images went down after a lightning storm. They had set up a virtualBRICS™ with the assistance of their trusted technology adviser.

Recovery: After initial setup, the virtualBRICS™ was faithfully capturing image snapshots while creating a virtual boot environment within itself so that it could stand itself up as a replacement failover server in case the protected server failed. The technology consultant was contacted, and after a few minutes and a few clicks, the virtualBRICS™ was the main server on the network. In this scenario, the consultant was on site, but the whole simple transfer could have been managed remotely. VirtualBRICS™ ran the business while the server was being repaired.

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A manufacturer running automated software was pushing a customized instruction set out on a standard Ethernet network to each targeted device being customized. Downtime was not an option because contractual delivery obligations would have led to lost future business. Downtime measured in dollars would have been thousands of dollars per day.

Recovery: Fortunately, VirtualBRICS™ had been doing its job for many months, and had its virtual image ready to roll, and took over the failed server’s job. VirtualBRICS™ turned what would have been a major crippling financial blow into a minor operational inconvenience. How virtualBRICS™ can help: You can virtually boot your Windows servers being protected locally on the virtualBRICS™. That’s because Hardware Independent Restore™ (HIR) technology makes it possible to restore your server backup images to brand new hardware, even virtual servers. Now you can get your business running again from anywhere, even if your offices are temporarily closed.

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A law firm server went down, so all of the lawyers and paralegals had no access to the firm's saved legal documents. The estimated dollar losses because of lost billable time was running thousands per hour.

Recovery: They had miniBRICS™ pushing images to the bizRestore™ data-center. Since the encrypted image was already present at the bizRestore™ data-center, the replacement server was shipped with the latest saved image from the protected server. Biznuity was able to get a new server loaded, imaged, and network plug ready for next morning delivery. The client was down for only a few hours. Without BRICS, the technology consultant stated it would have been days of down time before a new server could be procured, loaded with the OS, reloaded the legal software and imported the transactional file backup. While virtualBRICS™ would have been a better choice from a business continuity perspective with far less downtime, miniBRICS™ plus bizRestore™ illustrates Biznuity’s approach to giving our customers the tools to have an affordable solution that works best for them. How miniBRICS™can help: You can restore Windows based servers, even if your hardware is damaged beyond repair. That’s because Hardware Independent Restore™ (HIR) technology makes it possible to restore your server backup images to brand new hardware, even virtual servers.

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Someone accidently deleted an important document from the file server and needs it.

How BRICS products can help: You can perform granular recovery of individual files and folders. You simply right click on the point-in-time image file (the last backup taken before the file was deleted), mount the image as a drive letter on the network, browse to the missing folder and file, and then drag and drop it to the production server. Or you can mount the backup image file as a network share and tell the user where to find it.

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