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ProSeries™ Servers

Biznuity’s ProSeries Intel® server product family is designed with small to large businesses in mind. They feature a pedestal that is quiet and well-suited for a small business environment or high performance 1U and 2U configurations. To make server management easier, our servers feature Intel® Remote Management Modules (RMM). This enables secure, anywhere-access from any device, and provide ongoing monitoring and troubleshooting.

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Business-Class Performance with Intel® Xeon® processors

These pre-configured servers feature Intel® Xeon® processors that deliver high memory, I/O and storage capacity, fast application loading and performance, and the capacity to support multiple users.

High-performance Intel® RAID Hardware Controllers

As data continues to get bigger, so does the need for high-performance RAID solutions. IT customers are seeking high-uptime RAID solutions for mass storage, with maximum reliability and data integrity. Minimizing downtime and eliminating data loss are major priorities for high-intensity workloads. Smart RAID cards ensure system stability and increased uptime.

Smart Boards Ensure System Stability and Increased Uptime

Intel® Server Boards have more than 100 sensors built in that monitor all critical functions and use management capabilities to automatically flag problems before they impact business operations. Event logs and light guided diagnostics also assist in rapid identification and remediation of issues.

Biznuity Warranty Delivers Value and Confidence

Biznuity’s PROSeries server product family comes with a standard three-year warranty that includes the option to extend coverage to five years. Warranties come with Biznuity’s technical support and commitment to replace or refund any product that fails. Additionally, since all components are purchased as a single SKU, Biznuity provides a single point of contact for all support needs.

// Intel® Small Business Server systems

Your data is your business. Put it on a server. Pair it with Cloud Services.

Many small businesses use a desktop computer as the central hub for storing data and running shared business applications. Undoubtedly, the value of your data is enormous. What better way to keep it protected at all times with a server that not only safeguards your data but has the power – beyond what a PC can do – to help your employees become more productive and position your company for growth.

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// Intel® enterprise Server systems

Enterprise Intel® servers with cost-effective performance and workload flexibility.

Intel® Server Solutions provide consistent, enterprise-grade server management across all platforms to simplify deployment, monitoring, updating and debugging.
The consistent interface, tools and utilities simplify and accelerate all stages of the server lifecycle—from build and customize to deployment, to multi-server management, and to single-server debug and maintenance.

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// Intel® Platinum Level Partner

The Benefits of Biznuity Hardware

What does it mean to be an Intel® Platinum Level Partner?

Intel Platinum Level members are a limited number of elite Technology Providers, accepted into the program only after a careful review of their business and must renew their membership annually, based on meeting stability and eligibility requirements. We are required to attend regular training events throughout the year, which allow us to keep our technical knowledge current. Additionally, Platinum Level members must maintain several industry certifications, and must continually demonstrate an ongoing record of successful customer implementations.

What are the benefits of doing business with a Platinum Level Partner?

Members of the Intel Technology Provider Program with Platinum Status have access to proprietary information, engineering support, and accelerated technical support from Intel®, giving them the capability to create winning solutions based on industry-leading Intel technologies. Additionally, they have the resources to offer a superior level of customer service and support before, during, and beyond deployment. Biznuity is the only Platinum Level Intel® Technology Provider in Hampton Roads, Va.

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3 year Call-to-Repair or Depot Warranty
With our National Depot, our warranty service provides your client with minimal downtime. Our objective is to resolve any hardware issue the same day and we achieve that by leveraging our fully stocked depot. We maintain stock parts for our standard workstations and servers even after the product is discontinued.
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Consistent Support
All of our servers, workstations, and mobile solutions are built and based on Intel provided recipes. Once we design a product we “lock” the build of materials so that configuration will have identical internal components for a minimum of 1 year, and if needed, longer. Every component used to configure our systems will remain in stock even after the product is discontinued.
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Imaging Support
Biznuity systems are imaged with a “clean” Windows install. We provide custom imaging services that help reduce your IT hours of setting up workstations. We consult with the IT Admin to configure the imaging needs and provide a customized image for deployment on your workstations.
Ongoing Support
Biznuity has been providing technology infrastructure and support to East Coast IT professionals on a continuous basis since 1993. Biznuity only partners with IT professionals. Our financial and organizational continuity provide a stable platform for our clients to a build a technology partnership upon, right now and into the future.
Configuration Support
The Biznuity Sales Team all come from a technical background that enables us to assist IT Professionals like no other hardware vendor can. From server and workstation infrastructure, to design and implementation and technical support, the Sales Team offers knowledgeable product information as well as high level technical expertise.
// INdustry leading technology

Biznuity's Intel® Server Building Blocks

Fully-validated systems based on Intel® Server Boards, Intel® Xeon® Processors, Intel® Server Chassis and other Intel components.

  • Up to 128GB DDR4 Single Processor
  • Up to 6TB DDR4 Dual Processor
  • SSD boot drives (recommended)
  • 3.5 or 2.5 Fixed or Hot swap drive bays, up to 16 on Tower – up to 24 on 2U
  • PCIe Gen3 expansion slots
  • 2x GbE Single Processor Standard
  • 4x 10GbE Dual Processor Standard
  • Dedicated “Out of Band” management network port
  • Fixed or Redundant Power Supplies
Operating System Options
  • No OS – Load your own
  • Biznuity can restore from backup
  • Server 2016, 2019, 2022 Essentials
  • Server 2016, 2019, 2022 Standard
Help Your Customers
  • Increase productivity
  • Secure business data
  • Enable backup/recovery
  • Gain reliable access to business critical applications
  • Reduce costs
  • Grow and innovate
// INTEL® Quality

Benefits & Features

blue ribbon graphic. 100% quality you can trust.

World-Class Quality

Intel® Server Boards, Intel® Server Systems, and Intel® Server Chassis are built on a foundation of industry-leading, high-quality technology. Rigorous testing and extensive validation means reliable solutions you can trust.

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Feature-rich Products

Intel® Server Boards and Intel® Server Systems are designed to span multiple server use cases and customization requirements with performance, power, and cost flexibility to meet your existing requirements with headroom for growth.

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Intel is committed to providing you an unmatched customer experience with a standard three-year warranty, 24/7 access to our experts, and the confidence of knowing you have Intel in your corner.