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Most Frequent Questions

We have compiled this library of BRICS FAQs to help answer the most common queries you might have.

What are BRICS?

BRICSolutions™ are appliances that protects your business from the devastating blow of losing your precious data. 93% of companies that lost their data due to a disaster filed for bankruptcy within one year of the disaster. 50% of businesses that found themselves without data management for this same time period filed for bankruptcy immediately (National Archives & Records Administration in Washington). Accordingly, the BRICS has software that aggregates this relatively unreliable and un-trusted capacity over the Internet and has transformed it into a secure and reliable storage system. BRICS provides you with secure, reliable, and inexpensive online storage.

How does BRICS address backup?

BRICS has a backup agent that captures an image of your protected server that can be used on any server hardware or virtual environment regardless of configuration or brand. If it has driver support for your OS it can be used. The image is saved to folders on the BRICS, these are the folders that get “mirrored” into the Cloud.

How does BRICS deal with Exchange and database files like SQL?

Using the VSS Writers, BRICS takes a backup, in a way that keeps the DB consistencies in a good state. This enables you to use that backup image (or incremental images from during the day if you set it that way) to restore the SQL server to a VM, at which point you can take data out of the SQL Database for migration back to your production database. You can also of course use the image to restore your whole server to whatever point in time you have a backup for, and you can also mount the image to a drive letter to look through the file system (with read and write access if so desired).

Does BRICS mirror all the data in the folders every time we complete a backup?

BRICS continuously monitors changes in your local backup folders. It “de-dupes” automatically at the block level. So, only those blocks that have changed are mirrored into the cloud. This makes it very efficient and fast.

Does BRICS support Mac or Linux?

We do. Please contact our sales department for more information.

How long does it take to complete the initial “seed” of data?

This depends upon two things: the amount of data and the speed of available bandwidth. If your client has slow bandwidth, we will mirror their data to a portable storage device and then initially seed it. After seeding the incremental updates will be sent automatically

Can I manage how BRICS utilizes my client’s bandwidth?

Yes. When ordering a BRICS subscription, we will ask for the client's internet speed and pre-configure it. We monitor the site for bandwidth issues and adjust as needed to minimize impact on the site.

In the event of a disaster, what is the fastest way to recover my lost data?

There are a number of ways to accomplish this:

  • If you are subscribing to VirtualBRICS™, that device is server-class hardware and has been creating a virtual image so you are able to use VirtualBRICS™ until the main server is repaired or replaced.
  • You are able to restore your data using the BRICS device. How fast this happens depends on the size of the image and the available download bandwidth at the restore site or at another facility. Additionally, the “Instant Restore” feature enables you to simultaneously sync a BRICS unit (your data)  with another BRICS (called a BRICStac), like one in a second office, an employee's home, or in a another facility. This way, the data is always “hot” and ready to be restored immediately should a disaster occur. Full restore times of a few hours instead of a few days are now achievable.
  • If you are subscribing to Bizinuity’s RealTime Uptime service, your image is available (via your password release) at Bizinuity”s datacenter. That image can be loaded onto a new pre-built  server and shipped the same day. Your new server is preloaded with the most recent backup of your old server, so your business will continue with only a hiccup instead of a potentially business ending disaster.
How does licensing work?

The BRICS is generally only one system per site. That system is a repository for local backups which are then mirrored to the Cloud. Every computer that is backed-up (that is, data on the computer is being placed in the cloud) requires a license. It’s all about the source of the data. Example: You have 10 desktops and 2 servers being backed up locally. Their local backup data resides on a BRICS node. In this scenario, the BRICS node requires 10 desktop licenses and 2 server licenses.

Do I have to constantly tune and manage my BRICS implementation?

No. Once it is implemented, it is set-and-forget. You will receive reports and alerts as needed if anything need attention, we will take care of the rest.

Can we encrypt our files and manage our own keys?

Sure. You can encrypt the data before BRICS ever sees it. Your choice.

What are the HIPAA compliance aspects of the BRICS?

The Final Security Rule that governs the overall processes that should be used to keep Protected Health Information (PHI) safe is the part of HIPAA that applies to disaster recovery services. It requires that Covered Entities “the customer” have sufficient Administrative Procedures, Physical Safeguards, and Technical Safeguards to protect access to PHI.

Biznuity™ helps customers maintain HIPAA compliance by the establishment of clear access control policies, procedures, and technology to restrict who has authorized access to Protected Health Information (PHI)  On top of that we use up to 256bit AES military grade encryption to secure the data onsite, during data transfer and while the data is stored in the cloud. The encryption key can be a passphrase or a password file and access to the encryption keys can be generic or limited even to a single company officer if desired.

If the on site policies and procedures are HIPAA compliant, then the use of any biznuity product adds another layer of security to keep Protected Health Information (PHI) safe.
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